Overview of stainless steel

The relevance of stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular in the following industries:

  • aviation;
  • chemical;
  • processing,
  • auto;
  • food;
  • pharmacological,
  • the design and construction.

It is characterized by wear resistance, corrosion resistance, biological inertness and resistance to chemical reagents.

Stainless steel sheet rolled

Depending on requirements, the sheets are hot-rolled or holodnokatny way. The surface can be mirror smooth or textured. Hot rolled sheet can be heat-treated or etched. Cold rolled sheets are characterized by a matte or polished surface. These sheets form the basis of supply.

Long products stainless steel rolling

Unpredictable the following products:

  • circle;
  • hex;
  • wire;
  • area.

These products are used in various industries. They are selected depending on parameters under certain operating conditions.

Stainless steel profile

Sometimes these types:

  • small;
  • medium;
  • big.

For each type of product, these figures vary. For example, the steel area has a small profile when the side width of 8−10 mm, medium — 32−65 mm, large — 70−200 mm… depending on the scope of use profiles is divided into several types:

  • special profiles;
  • profiles of General purpose.

Supply, price

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