Production and General information about aluminum

General characteristics

Aluminium — the 13th element on the Periodic table of Mendeleev with atomic mass 27. According to the chemical activity similar to magnesium, which is in the table alongside. The content in the lithosphere (more than 8%) aluminum ranks first among the metals. Of the 250 minerals containing this metal, 40% — is aluminosilicates. The main isotope, 27Аl — trivalent, contains the core of the 14 neutrons and 13 protons. The crystal lattice is face-centered cubic Getting aluminium by electrolysis cryolithological melt. In turn, the alumina (Al203) obtained after processing containing aluminiumminerals.

Chemical properties

Aluminium actively enter into compounds with oxygen, sulfur and carbon. Under normal conditions, in air it is covered with thin, in a fraction of a micron, an oxide film Al203, which prevents oxidation and gives excellent corrosion resistance. Molten aluminum reacts with CO, CO2 and water vapor. The hydrogen absorbed by aluminum in excess of the solubility limit, makes the metal brittle. Aluminium is afternote: with acids it forms salts, and with alkalis — aluminates. This greatly facilitates the extraction of aluminium from ores. The metal dissolves readily in alkalis and inorganic acids, but nitric and organic acids do not act on it.


Aluminium is lightweight and easy construction material, available hot and cold working, well-stamped, pressed, rolled, easily drilled and cut. This is an inexpensive and lightweight material, the alloy with magnesium, manganese, copper and other metals it forms alloys with high specific strength, which is especially appreciated in those industries where it is important to the preservation of the structure strength with low weight. Such structures are used for the needs of aerospace and automotive industries, and engineering, food and construction industry. In particular, an alloy of aluminum and magnesium provides an invaluable advantage when developing new models of aircraft, helicopters and airships, where it is used for the production of parts of the gliders, fairings, ailerons, cabin doors, chassis, control levers, building devices and pumps, oxygen and fuel tanks. Of these alloys produce items bearing structures, automotive crankcase, pump housings and appliances, decorative items, covers tanks. In the electric and electronic industries are made of body parts and instruments, cameras, binoculars, mobile phones, portable cameras.

To buy, price

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