Industry use stainless steel

General characteristics

Stainless metal is now at the peak of development. A large part of the industries switched to stainless steel products. The reason is the superiority of this material for a number of qualities: high corrosion resistance, durability, hygiene, excellent appearance. The use of stainless steel in all industry sectors ensures reliability, quality and safety. Provide an overview of industries that use stainless steel.

1) Chemical

The chemical industry uses stainless steel elbows, vessels and pipes made of stainless steel of austenitic type. In the acidic environment used steels with high percentage content of molybdenum (up to 6%).

2) Food

The main materials for production and storage are: plastic, glass, stainless steel. Stainless steel meets the highest standards of hygiene, which mainly makes it preferable to use this material. At all stages of food production necessary to ensure cleanliness and safety. To avoid food heavy metals, there are certain standards. Stainless steel should make the products very small amount of Nickel and chromium. Therefore it is better to use a steel of austenitic type. It allocates from the surface heavy metals do not exceed 1% of sanitary norms. Another requirement concerns a dense and homogeneous structure. Products must be perfectly smooth, flat, does not have scratches.

3) Paper

Paper and pulp factories use equipment made of stainless steel with a molybdenum content of 3−6%. This is necessary to prevent corrosion, since most processes associated with the circulation of the liquid. On one plant the average consumption of stainless steel is 3 thousand tons, the largest amount of steel goes into the pipe.

4) electricity

Electrical energy is mostly produced by burning oil, gas and coal. A large share in power generation is nuclear power plants. Here are high requirements on the quality of steel. As a rule, there is used high-alloy stainless steel, which resists corrosion and destruction.

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