Soldering bronze

General characteristics

Bronze tin soldered silver, copper-zinc and tin-lead solders. Vysokoopasnye bronze undesirable brazing copper-zinc solders due to the proximity of the melting temperature of the solder and the melting temperature of the base metal. Soldering tin bronzes produced by any known methods: gas-flame burner, soldering iron, high frequency heating, contact heating, in furnaces, in which controlled atmosphere, in salt baths. Heating parts, thus, need to be gradual, since the base metal at high heating rate tends to brittleness.

Lead bronze

They are soldered by solders with fluxes used in soldering tin bronzes. The soldering should be flucuate very carefully, because the resulting lead oxides on the surface can prevent leaking in the gap of the solder.

Manganese bronze

They are soldered with the use of phosphoric acid. Brazing manganese bronzes are produced with the use of fluxes, which enter coroborate fluorides and alkali metals.

Beryllium bronze

Their soldering is much harder than other alloys of copper; you must use silver solder with flux immediately after mechanical Stripping.

Alloys copper-Nickel

Soldered any solders and method, as well as pure copper. Solder with copper in a furnace where controlled atmosphere, must be carried out with high heating rates, since the base metal with prolonged soldering dissolves in the solder, greatly reducing the strength of the weld.

Aluminium bronze

Have high mechanical properties among copper alloys, so they are widely used in mechanical engineering. To avoid oxidation and formation of brittle intermetallic compounds, such bronze should be soldered at the seam using rapid heating methods. Through the introduction of Nickel in the alloys increases the strength and ductility of the connections from aluminum bronze.

Other types of bronzes

Simple bronze (double copper alloys and aluminum), more complex bronze composition with the addition of iron, manganese, Nickel and other elements are used in a variety of industries. On the surface of the silicon and aluminum bronzes formed oxide film, which with the use of conventional fluxes is difficult to remove. Before soldering you have to handle the product in hydrofluoric or hydrofluoric acid.

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