The use of stainless seamless pipe


Reliability, durability, versatility and aesthetics — these are the qualities that distinguish a seamless stainless steel tubes. These tubes have length no joints or welded seams and are made by forging, extrusion, rolling or drawing. Pipe without joints, eliminate the possibility of any leaks. After all, even high-tech quality of the seam does not guarantee absolute tightness, which is so necessary if the pipes circulate fluid that are dangerous to human health. The only guarantee will be the use of seamless stainless steel tubes that will prevent leakage as corrosive liquids, and water from domestic communications.

Application of seamless stainless steel tubes

The main function of the stainless pipe is safe and durable regulating the flow of various media in the construction, transport engineering, power engineering, industrial chemistry, food industry, etc., applications that require the use of pipelines, high corrosion resistance and reliability. Further processed by polishing the pipes look very aesthetically pleasing, so often used for the decoration of interiors and exteriors of buildings. Due to the fact that stainless steel, which are manufactured seamless pipes, does not affect the chemical composition of water and does not degrade its quality, these pipes are widely used not only for heating, but in drinking water systems. Pipes can be laid both inside and outside the premises. In addition, seamless stainless steel pipes are widely used in the construction of various boilers and chemical reactors.


The pipes are produced to a diverse range of diameter and wall thickness of various grades of steel. Characteristics of pipes, to a large extent determined by various components, which are part steel. Each of the components improves any quality. For example, the addition of Nickel helps to increase the ductility of the metal and its resistance to corrosion, titanium increases the strength and wear resistance at high temperatures. These pipes are widely used in medical, food and chemical industries that require metal resistant to destructive influence of various corrosive environments. Seamless stainless steel tubes, with the addition of the various components have long service life and do not require additional costs for their replacement or repair.

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