The use of stainless steel pipes 12X18H10T

The scope of application of stainless steel

Stainless steel is used very widely. For example, the stainless steel sheet has recently become increasingly popular in the food industry for the production of cookware, Cutlery and a wide variety of equipment. The most important requirement for this sector is the hygiene of the material. From this point of view, the stainless steel is almost the perfect material. To supply the perfect pipe, stainless steel. These pipes are used in heating systems, the supply of natural gas and petroleum products. Pipe brand 12x18Н10Т demanded in automobile and aircraft construction, and in the manufacture of furniture and sanitary ware.

The types of stainless steel tubes

The shape of the tube produces round and shaped. The profile can be rectangular, oval and square. Most often used in the construction of a rectangular shaped tube. In turn, the round tubes are seamless and welded. For different applications, the surface of the pipe can be brushed and polished. On purpose stainless steel tubes are divided into the following groups: General purpose, sanitary, structural, and pipe for the boiler. Only stainless steel is able to withstand rust in damp environment, so stainless steel tubes for General purposes are often used for sewer and water pipes. In the food industry as important is the hygiene of the pipes. The surface must be perfectly smooth, to sticking mud, promoting micron and fungal infection. In the construction of bridges and in furniture manufacturing use of structural tubes. Tubes in the boiler and the boiler must withstand high differential pressure and high temperature, therefore, the production of boiler tubes is considered to be technologically sophisticated.

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