Manufacture of welded stainless steel pipes


The process of manufacturing electrically welded pipes of small and average diameter (when transforming strips into billets in a continuous mnogoletie the camp) of the same type. The difference is in the method of welding edges. The most different operations, at the final stage.

  • Endless elongated pipe or separate pipes, whips, way reduction.
  • the separation of the endless pipe into pieces (torn or sliced).
  • The possibility of removing external and internal welding Burr


Welded stainless steel pipe from 8x0.2 mm to 530x12 mm is produced in accordance with the sizes of TESA. With the ability to replace welding mill parts, you can use different types of welding. This allows to produce pipes of various grades. The main difference between the units — in design solutions, the characteristics of the equipment and part of equipment. In line TESA is sometimes included equipment for cleaning edges and the manufacture of strips of a given width, while the main equipment of this line is designed for corrections, changes, and also for joining into a continuous strip of the individual coils and maintaining an on-going process in a forming and welding mill.

Requirements width

Sometimes there are fluctuations of the width due to the large tolerances of the width of the strip in the coils coming from rolling mill for TESA larger sizes. Requirements forming without the formation of undulations and corrugations provide for strict observance of constant width, eliminating the camber lines as well as the accurate convergence of the edges in the welding gauge and maintain it at a constant pressure for good quality of the weld. All the requirements are difficult to perform in cold forming, because in this process it is almost impossible to obtain a significant reduction of billets in the latest forming and welding calibers and it is difficult to reduce the overall waviness of the edges by pulling the entire section.

The final stage

Part of TESA larger sizes require installation of circular shears with cromcastle that produce trimming of both edges in this line of the mill at the same time. At TESA, which produce stainless steel pipes of small diameters and use a narrow tape, additionally installed equipment for slitting disk with scissors. In the latter stages produce the dissolution of the broad bands that come to the shop, thereby providing an equal width of the tape in accordance with the welding conditions. To improve the quality of the weld used cleaning edges; in particular, it relates to resistance welding and gas welding.

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