The production and use of stainless steel tubes

The types of stainless steel tubes

It is no exaggeration to say that the pipes made of stainless steel are one of the most popular products of metal in the construction, engineering and other sectors of the economy. They can be classified according to the composition of steel, method of surface treatment, the size (the minimum tube diameter is called a capillary), form. Made of round tube, oval and profile. Their shape and quality depend on the purpose and field of application. Exposing the surface treatment of various degrees, it is possible to pipe a matte, polished and mirrored.

The manufacture of pipes.

First, melted stainless steel is the right kind. From it is cast the blank from which, in turn, directly produce the pipe. Drawing produce thin-walled pipe and welded pipe of large size. Welding can be carried out with tungsten electrode, high-frequency current, plasma, electron beam and laser method. The best method of welding is laser welding method, since it ensures high quality of the product and increases its service life. The tube is then brought to the desired condition of finish.


Wide use of stainless steel in construction due to the fact that this material is not oxidized and does not rust, can withstand enormous loads, heat resistant and durable. Stainless steel does not need additional painting, and high hygiene has opened wide perspectives in medicine and food industry.

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