Production of rhenium metal


This item is accompanied by a copper sulfide and molybdenum ores. The main difficulty here is the low content of this element. Smelting is the pyrometallurgical methods (apply the conversion and oxidative combustion). during firing the oxides of rhenium vozgonaetsa and then captured by special filters. Smelting of copper concentrates with smoke escapes up to 60% Re. Part of it is retained in the calcine, where goes in soda or ammonia solution, from which later the metal reduced by hydrogen. In the processing of copper concentrate sulfuric wash acid becomes the main source of this metal.

Technical characteristics

Pure rhenium is much ductility of tungsten. It is possible to roll and pull micron wire under normal conditions. Was discovered and «rhenium effect»: it appears that this metal increases both the strength and ductility of molybdenum and tungsten.

Supply, price

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