The production of tantalum metal


Industrial production of this metal is due to the reduction of oxides, chlorides and fluorides of high purity. As a rule, the main problem is the separation of this metal from niobium, as well as the achievement of a vacuum in the processing tantalum is easily absorbs gases. Aluminum production starts with the enrichment of ore concentrate containing oxides of tantalum and niobium in the ratio of about 1:8. The mixture of Nb+Ta separated by extraction, and the next stage, Refine and restore the metal using carbon.


Tantalum rod, similar to the other. refractory metals are produced by powder metallurgy by sintering metal powder. Processing is performed in a vacuum arc furnace, plasma or electron beam furnace. Tantalum wire is measuring a semi-finished product section 5 — 6 mm, which is further processed in rotary swaging machines.

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