Manufacture of heavy-gauge stainless steel


For rolled plate of stainless steel 12X18H10T, are special one — and two-stand machines. Also used in broadband and semi-continuous machines that are equipped with special units. Using these units is heat treatment and finishing of thick leaves. The cost of such technology by 5 to 15% lower than the heavy plate hot rolling in reversing mills. The width and thickness of leaves that descend from broadband mills, limited. Better performance of one — and two-stand plate mill received the greatest recognition. In such mills is possible to obtain thick stainless steel sheets of almost any size, which are specified in GOST.

Production at the heavy plate mill

Slabs and ingots are the original billets for hot rolling of steel. The slabs are divided into rolled (produced for blooms and slabs) and cast. When the rolled sheets thicker than 60 mm are used only for sheet ingots. Bar weight can reach 200−250 tons. The most efficient way of rolling of stainless steel rolling of slabs. This improves the quality of the leaf surface and mechanical properties of leaves, reduced metal consumption, improved performance and accelerated execution of orders.

Initial size and weight of the slabs depends on the size of the finished stainless steel sheets. The most convenient for handling the slabs with the least width, and thickness. If the width equal to the width of a rolled sheet, then decrease the number of passes and increase the productivity of the mill. Modern plate mills are able to roll slabs weighing up to 40 tons.

Barrel length plate mill depends on the width of the finished sheets. As the work stands are used: reversible crate: two-roll mill (Duo), four-high mill (quarto); non-driven roll with the middle roll, and stand with vertical and horizontal rolls, which serve as finishing stands of universal mills. Odnalezienie plate mills consist of the cage quarto and one of the stand with vertical rolls. After vertical compression rolls, work sheets with very precise widths.

Two-stands mills

They are considered to be the most useful for rolling sheet steel. They consist of a stand with vertical rollers and 2 work stands with horizontal rolls arranged in series. To heat the incoming workpieces use reheating furnace and the heating wells. Kiln fitted with devices which ensure that the results of unstressed slabs.

The initial heating of the blanks takes place at a temperature 1150−1250°C. the Heated blanks are supplied to the supply roller one by one and then transported to the camp. Slabs are rolled in thick stainless sheets in one or several stands depending on the composition of the equipment of the mill. Two-stands mill work roll two roll. Cycles of rolling in the finishing and roughing stands should be about the same, this contributes to ensuring a coherent work.

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