Rolling stainless steel

General characteristics

Rolling narabeya steel takes place in several stages. First, the bars fall on the largest rolling mills, which are known as slabs and blooms. These mills are also called crimping, where the steel bars are crimped, giving them the form of a long bar (bloom) or plate (slab), which serve as a workpiece for the manufacture of various products of stainless steel. For slabs and blooms annually processing up to 6 million bars of stainless steel. Bullion by weight can be from 1 to 18 tons. More modern plants are equipped with equipment that allows you to pour stainless steel already in the finished blooms and slabs. Crimp units operate only in plants where the process involves spilling steel into molds. After pre-crimping, the work piece of stainless steel fall into the rolling mill where rolling mills acquiring a profile of the desired shape and thickness.

Swage technology at the blooming mill

The crimping process begins with a solid ingot of stainless steel 4 to 6 hours heated in a heating pit, where the temperature is 1100−1300°C. the ingot buggy is delivered to the rolling mill the Main parts of the blooming — two gigantic swaths, separated by an adjustable gap. The preheated ingot is placed on the table representing the feed-conveyor, and is fed to the rolls. The operator pulls the ingot through these rolls, with each new passage the gap between the rolls is reduced. After every 5−6 passages ingot upside down. At the final stage, the treated ingot on the roller table is supplied to industrial scissors, which cut it to the required size blooms.

Rolling technology for slabbing

The treatment process on the slabbing mill similar to that described above, with the only difference that abimana of the ingot takes place with the help of 4 rolls — two vertical and two horizontal. Thus obtained long plate of stainless steel with scissors also cut into individual slabs.

Final molding

To obtain a stainless steel sheet, the slab enters the mill, where the smooth rolls are used. Rails, beams, channels, and other specialized products are derived from blooms, which are rolled on a rail and structural mills, with cutouts of the desired shape. The process consists of multiple passes. The product is formed sequentially and gradually. The desired thickness is achieved the last final rolling. To speed up the process can repeated passage of hot bloom on the roller table through a series of mills with rolls of the desired shape and size. Mills continuous rolling is capable of laminating the metal with a speed of 80 km/h. During the year, such a mill produces rolled steel to 6 million tons.

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