Rolling mills for stainless steel


Mills appeared in the middle of the XVIII century, when steam engines began to laminating metal bars on the rolls. In America in the late nineteenth century was constructed the first blooms and slabs — analogues of modern rolling mills.

Modern production

Stainless assortment today are made on rolling mills equipped with the new technology, but all the same by mechanical impact on the ingot, the weight of which can be from 1 to 18 tons. The rolled billet can be cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Cold or hot steel billet is placed on a rolling mill with the rolls, where it is the actual process of crimping, rolling, sizing and cutting of the workpiece of stainless steel. As a result, they receive the following types of rentals:

  • Metal sheet stainless steel is the most popular material is always in demand for construction and the widest range of industries;
  • grooved Bicycle fittings, rods, plates of different cross-section;
  • seamless stainless steel pipe;
  • rental of special purpose — bent circular workpiece profile.

In modern rolling mills the throughput on the lines of the latest generation up to 50 m/s, exactly with the speed of the workpiece moving through the camp. Fully automated systems at each stage of the transformation to control the quality of material and monitor the conformity of a product planned sizes. Computer control has improved the accuracy of the produced gauge stainless steel.


Modern technologies in the field of metal products offer solutions to get brilliant results. Now in the consumer market presents new heavy-duty alloy stainless alloys, and the rapid development of innovative nanotechnology involves the emergence in the foreseeable future a number of materials with unique properties.

Types of metal

Steel billet rolling mill in the process of treatment can be positioned in three ways: longitudinal, transverse and spiral. Depending on the selected method, the metal is divided into the following types:

  • rental longitudinal, when the blank is swaged, reducing the longitudinal cross-section and increasing the length and width. This method is used to produce long products, profile and sheet;
  • the way of the cross, is characterized in that a steel ingot is processed in the transverse direction during rotation. So spocom make various workpiece of round shape;
  • Bicycle screw combines the mechanical process of the above two technologies and is designed for production of seamless pipes.

Changes in the mechanical parameters of crimping and movement of the workpiece in a rolling mill, allow to obtain products of the required forms, which in the future will be made of the various parts and subassemblies.

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