High ductility, strength, temperature resistance. Melting point Hf = 2150 °C refractoriness hafnium is second only to tungsten, rhenium, osmium, iridium, molybdenum. Hafnium tube has a high elastic modulus, small coefficient of thermal expansion, sufficient chemical resistance. When compared with zirconium, hafnium, less resistant to acids and alkalis, but is more stable in superheated steam, industrial condensate, molten alkali metals. High performance: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength hafnium allow the tubes to operate efficiently in the most demanding production conditions.


The disadvantage is the high cost of production. Price 1 kg pure hafnium on the world market fluctuates around 775−800 dollars. Because of the high refractoriness technological processing hafnium complicated. Extraction and obtain it in its pure form is time-consuming. Hafnium is a rare metal, additionally it is quite heavy (specific gravity for 13, 31 g/cm3).


Most popular hafnium tube section 30−40 mm and thickness 1−2,5 mm. Hafnium tubing used in the nuclear energy, military-industrial complex, rocket technology. They stand up to the most complicated schemes of load at t° 1000 °C, vibration. Refractory HfC alloy and tantalum indispensable in the design of gas-phase nuclear installations and in the production of rocket nozzles. This alloy is considered the most heat resistant of all known materials (t° PL 4216 °C). Hafnium strengthens cobalt alloys are relevant in the production of pipes for the oil and gas and chemical industries. Supplement 1% Hf to aluminum gives heavy-duty alloy with a cross section of the grains is about 0,045 µm, which has high tensile strength under dynamic and static loads, as well as improved vibration resistance.

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