Flexible bus


In the manufacture of flexible copper busbars used multilayer thin copper braided plastic, high flexibility. Typically, isolation is used such as PVC. Bus conductors are made from electrolytic copper IsokoSou with a share of impurities not more than 1%. Used copper grades M1, M2, M3, whose composition normalized GOST 859−79. The standard length of a vein segment of 2 meters. Number of cores is not more than 10 thickness of 0.8 — 1 mm. If necessary, copper wires covered with tin.


The transmission of electricity to any appliances running from the constant current source. Often flexible copper bus-bar used in shipbuilding. In industrial low-voltage networks, these tires designed for all types of connections. Used for power distribution between the electric Cabinet, the bus bar and the terminal of the transformer. These tires can serve as a temperature compensator.


Flexible copper busbar has high reliability, greater than the cable of the same section, while the contact resistance of the tire — less. In the context of the formation of wet condensate protective coating flexible copper bus bars serves as an additional protection against oxidation. Such tyre is quite technical and easy to maintain. It has excellent electrical conductivity, resistance to moisture and aggressive environment. When connected in parallel, thanks to insulation, you can position the tires at a minimum distance from each other. Conductivity insulated copper conductor 16,7 мкОмхмм2/m Range of working temperature from -40°C lo +100°C. · Thickness of PVC insulation — up to 2.2 mm · insulation Material self-extinguishing, dielectric resistance 20 kV/mm.


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