Insulated copper bus-bar


Insulated copper bus is used in the design of modern electrical equipment operating at low voltage or high voltage. This is one of the most popular kinds of copper bars. Consists of a copper tape, protected by PVC coating. Most often used in small structures requiring electrical compensation. Can serve as a conductor of electric current in switchboards, replacement of copper cables or the hard tires, for connection of electrical automation, connections, transformers, bus transitions.


In conditions of humid condensate PVC-coated is a reliable protection from oxidation. It is no secret that the oxide film increases the electrical resistance, which leads to undesirable overheating. Increases the risk of arcing and destruction of the contact connections. Installation or replacement of insulated bus takes less time. She has high reliability, greater than the cable of the same section, while the contact resistance of the tire — less. It is quite sophisticated and easy to maintain. It has excellent electrical conductivity, resistance to moisture and aggressive environment. When connected in parallel, thanks to insulation, you can position the tires at a minimum distance from each other. Conductivity insulated copper conductor 16,7 мкОмхмм2/m Range of working temperature from -40°C lo +100°C. · Thickness of PVC insulation — up to 2.2 mm · insulation Material self-extinguishing, dielectric resistance 20 kV/mm.


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