Applications of molybdenum


Molybdenum is one of those alloying metals, which greatly increase the strength and durability of steel to corrosion. It was used in ancient Japan for the production of blades. In modern metallurgy molybdenum was the basis of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys. Molybdenum wire and ribbon are the elements of the heating heat furnaces. This metal is necessary for the production of GTE parts, nuclear boilers, vacuum equipment, chemical reactors operating in a hostile environment. Molybdenum wire is used in vacuum technique for input current in the lamp, the spring production of cathodes, anodes, sheet, nets. Advantages of molybdenum alloys is hard to overestimate. Due to its high operational parameters and process quality, these are widely demanded of modern industry. Many industries, the production process which is associated with action of harmful factors and aggressive environments, such materials of new generation were able to improve production processes and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.

metallurgy and Metalworking

For alloying heat-resistant steels account for more than 2/3 of the mined molybdenum. The piercing mandrel made of molybdenum are used in the production of seamless steel pipes, molybdenum and tool steel for metals. This metal improves the hardenability and ductility of the alloys, increases their resistance, is the basis of refractory corrosion-resistant structural materials in the aerospace industry and nuclear energy. Molybdenum is the basis of the fairings of missiles and supersonic aircraft. Molybdenum can be as a thermal screen, separated by insulation and the main structural material of heat-resistant fairing. Easier molybdenum and tungsten, although inferior in heat resistance, exhibit a higher specific strength up to t°to 1370 °C in comparison with alloys of tungsten and tantalum.

electrical engineering

Molybdenum electrode with a special coating demand for welding heat-resistant and alloyed steels. Molybdenum filament used in electric lighting devices along with the tungsten filament. In modern electrical engineering relevant molybdenum cathodes, grids, springs, loop heaters electronic devices, springs of semiconductor devices. The thermal expansion coefficient of molybdenum and glass are identical, so Mo is widely used for sealed in glass switch contacts.


Molybdenum in the form of microfilms is applied to the glass optical sensors, binoculars, telescope mirrors, solar batteries, cover the mirrors of gas-dynamic lasers, etc. Molybdenum rods are used as electrodes, heat treatment furnaces for melting optical glass.

other industries

In medicine for diagnostic use technetium-99, which is derived from the 99-th isotope of molybdenum. Derivatives of molybdenum are sought after as components of the glazes, pigments dyes, catalysts and fillers lubricants. Molybdenum is included in the composition of certain micronutrients.

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