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Stainless steel bar is made from corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant material. Based on iron, Nickel and chromium. Optimally balanced composition of alloying elements gives the wheel a high resistance to heat, durability and resistance to corrosion. Long products stainless steel rolled products produced by modern industry is able to effectively operate for a long time in the widest range of temperatures and in contact with aggressive environment.


Such high-tech and high-temperature resistant material widely used in various industries, from commercial and food processing equipment to nuclear power. Unique performance enables you to apply the stainless steel bar for manufacturing parts of burners, heat treatment furnaces, combustion chambers. High wear resistance and heat resistance of stainless steel bars, resistance to the action of aggressive environment, allows it to be used where work is associated with contact with hot aggressive media. Here is an incomplete list of applications of stainless steel bars.

• Construction and architecture,

• decor and furniture accessories

• details of valves,

• fasteners,

• parts of engines and machines

• technical and medical instruments,

• shafts, axles, rollers for bearings,

• household appliances,

• tableware,

• equipment for food and light industry.

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