Tinned copper bus


When the use of conventional copper bars is difficult or impossible, comes to the aid of tin-plated copper bus. It prevents the appearance of induced currents in the place of contact of different conductors. For example, the use of tin-plated copper bus for connection of the transformer with aluminum output voltage guarantees optimum contact. In moist air, in the presence of condensate tinned copper bus is also able to provide excellent contact without the risk of the arc.


Tinned copper busbar produced from copper rod, pressed ingots and billets. The most commonly used brand of copper M1, with the chemical composition according to GOST 859−79. The material used can be soft, semi-solid or solid. Coating thickness 0.01 mm tin-bismuth or tin-lead.


In humid conditions condensation surface pure copper oxidizes rapidly. The oxide film increases the resistance, contributes to overheating, which violates the original performance. This leads to the occurrence of the arc and the destruction of the electrical contact. Plastic tin coating seals the fit of the contacts, and hampers the oxidation. Tinned bus — reliable, durable, easily assembled and disassembled. Conductivity it better than cable of the same section. It is resistant to corrosion, is very flexible, affordable soldering, low-temperature welding, all types of machining.


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