012Х13АГ14Д tape, sheet, round, wire

Chrome margantsevokisly 012Х13АГ14Д alloy austenitic class belongs to the category of corrosion-resistant ordinary steels. In addition to chromium, iron and manganese, forming its basis, the structure includes a number of additional alloying elements that significantly increase the original quality of the material and ensure stability of its performance.


The most important qualities of a material such as steel 012Х13АГ14Д include high formability and corrosion resistance. This steel meets the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. These qualities allow the use of semi-finished products made of such raw materials in the food industry, medicine, home appliances manufacture. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters such material actively resists corrosion, action of chlorinated water and salt solutions withstand repeated hot-treatment, autoclaving. In addition, the substitution of Nickel its structural analogue — manganese significantly reduces the cost of the material.


Percentage composition
Alloy With Mn Cu P S Ni N Cr Si Sa Al Fe

012Х13АГ14Д 0.07 to 0.13 13,5−15 ≤0,1 ≤0.045 ≤0.03 0,2−3 0,1−3 12,5−14 0,3−0,8 0,01−0,1 0,01−0,15 the rest

Steel is melted in open arc furnaces. Trade regulated THAT 14−1-226−141−98.


Manufacture by stamping and deep drawing of Cutlery, crockery, pots, washing machines, kitchen sinks, shower trays, medical equipment and tools Due to compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements this steel is today one of the leading places in the sector manufacturing of household and medical equipment.


The reasonable cost of semi-finished products of the brand 012Х13АГ14Д and sizes for products on the background of a large variety of sizes allows any customer to choose the product that most fully meets all its individual needs. High quality workmanship and full compliance of products with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — the main criterion, which adheres to our company in working with clients. Calibrated chemical composition and fabrication ensure reliability of products and exact match its performance to the stated qualities and reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.

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