02Х21Н25М5ДБ, ЭК5 tape, sheet, round, wire

General characteristics

Stainless steel, 10−14 consist of carefully selected chemical elements. Depending on the composition and the presence in the alloy of those or other components, such raw materials are, as a rule, has a range of useful qualities, urgently demanded by modern industry. Alloy 02Х21Н25М5ДБ (ЭК5), due to the high content of chromium and Nickel, complemented by successfully balanced composition of a number of alloying substances, characterized by high physical and mechanical characteristics, heat resistance and excellent resistance to corrosion in aggressive environment.


Percentage composition
Alloy With Mn Cu P S Ni Ce Cr Si Ti Mo Nb Fe
02Х21Н25М5ДБ ≤0.02 1−1,5 1,3−1,8 ≤0.02 ≤0.02 24−26 ≤0,02 20−22 ≤0,2 0,01−0,1 0,2−0,4 4−5 the rest

Alloy 02Х21Н25М5ДБ belongs to the group of high-alloy austenitic steels. Manufacture of semi-finished products normalized following THAT: 14−1-2973−80, 14−1-3230−81, 14−3-1129−82, 14−1-3686−83, 14−1-4730−89.


Good weldability of steel 02Х21Н25М5ДБ, allows for the chemical industry equipment and welded structures operating at high temperatures in aggressive environments: reactors, tanks, pipelines, working in contact with toxic and oxidizing environments RN1 and t up to 80 °C. Such equipment can operate in conditions of intensive erosive wear environment is rich in fluoride and chlorine.


Our site offers a wide range of products from chromium-Nickel alloys. High quality of products and lack of intermediaries determine the most favorable conditions for the acquisition of semi-finished products of alloy 02Х21Н25М5ДБ to solve any production problems. Delivery in the shortest possible time in any region of the country and abroad, compliance with regulatory documentation already gained the trust of regular customers. Thanks to an acceptable cost and wide model range of semi-finished products Nickel-chromium alloys, and enjoy continued popularity in all spheres of production.

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