02Х8Н22С6, ЭП794 tape, sheet, round, wire


Due to the high technological and operational qualities, high alloyed austenitic steel 02Х8Н22С6 widely used industrial chemicals and pulp and paper industry where the production process is associated with action of aggressive media in a wide temperature range. Thanks to such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


Alloy 02Х8Н22С6 has significant corrosion resistance, preserving the stability of the structure in a wide temperature range. The unique properties of raw material due to its balanced chemical composition and special processing technology. High resistance to impact of hot mineral acids and aggressive environments the gas type on the background of sufficient ductility has defined the scope of application of steel 02Х8Н22С6.

Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Ti Cr Ni Al Mn P S Si Fe
02Х8Н22С6 ≤0,02 --- 7,5−10 21−23 --- ≤0,8 ≤0,03 ≤0,02 5,4−6,7 basis

02Х8Н22С6 steel is smelted in electric arc furnaces with subsequent electroslag remelting, plasma arc, vacuum arc remelting. Production is regulated by the following TU: 14−1-1024−81, 14−1-3164−81, 14−1-3233−81, 14−1-3660−83, 14−1-3801−85, 14−1-3812−84, 14−1-5076−91,


Production of welded chemical equipment, valves, bulk storage tanks, reactors for the synthesis of 85% nitric acid, working at t° to 100 °C and a pressure of 16 ATM.

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