03Х23Н6, ЗИ68 tape, sheet, round, wire


Corrosion-resistant chromenickel-manganese steel brand 03Х23Н6 (ЭИ68) belongs to the ferritic class. Optimally balanced composition of alloying elements gives the alloy high resistance to corrosion at elevated temperatures. This material is a typical representative of stainless alloys. A wide range of roll brands 03Х23Н6 used for the production of critical welded equipment in the chemical, refining, pulp and paper industry. Steel 03Х23Н6 is analogous brands such as Х18Н9Т, 18CR10NITI, 03Х18Н11. Compared to the steels stabilized with titanium, alloy 03Х23Н6 has more resistance to stab corrosion of welds.


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Si Cr Ni Mn P S Fe
03Х23Н6 ≤0,03 ≤0,4 22−24 5,3−6,3 1−2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 basis

Steel corrosion-resistant ordinary. Manufacture of semi-finished products normalized following GOST: 5632−72, 7350−77, and also that: 1−4-11 — 245−88, 1−4-1−1554−75, 14−1-1905−76.


Such technologically and resistant to chemical attack material widely used in the production of mineral fertilizers of nitric, adipic acid in the formation of pipeline systems, the manufacture of welded equipment, chemical reactors, evaporators, filters, stills, tanks, etc. High wear resistance steel grade 03Х23Н6, resistance to the action of aggressive factors in the temperature range from -70°C to +300°C allows it to apply where the operation of equipment associated with contact with hot aggressive media. Such equipment operates equally well in acidic or alkaline medium and in sea water over a wide temperature range, is resistant to stab corrosion of welds.

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