Thick-walled stainless pipe


Thick-walled stainless steel pipe can be made from a variety of alloys. The most popular design brands 10Х23Н18 and 20H23N18, which belong to the class of heat-resistant alloys and different corrosion-resistant qualities. These tubes do not change the chemical composition under the action of aggressive media, resistance to high temperature. Resistance to soil and atmospheric moisture, and the aesthetic appeal has allowed them to be used in construction and architecture. They have the reliability, durability, good workability, require minimal maintenance. They can be called universal. Because of its durability, aesthetics, durability and resistance to environmental influences scope of application of such pipes is the most extensive.


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Si Cr Mn Ni P S Fe
10Х23Н18 ≤0,1 ≤1 22−25 ≤2 17−20 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 basis

Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Si Cr Ni Mn P S Fe
20H23N18 ≤0,2 ≤1 22−25 17−20 ≤2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 basis


Thick-walled stainless steel pipe has a considerable weight compared to thin counterparts, in addition, the composition alloyed with expensive metals such as Nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium etc. Cost of such pipes is rather big, the production is associated with a number of technological difficulties. But durability, low maintenance costs, the possibility of recycling of scrap for recycling, makes thick-walled stainless steel pipes highly profitable.


Thick-walled pipes are manufactured according to GOST 380−94. Limiting dimensions and tolerances are industry standard. Additional heat treatment — tempering gives the material a high resistance to mechanical loads, vibrations and high operating pressure.

Thick-walled pipe can be seamless (made by rolling, forging, drawing or extrusion). May apply such welding techniques as TIG or HF-welding. But even high-quality seam does not guarantee leaks. Therefore, when in contact with toxic environments use seamless pipe.


Steel thick-walled tubes are operated in a very wide temperature range. Depending on the alloy: austenitic, ferritic, Maraging, etc., the working temperature can be from cryogenic to 600°-1100°C. High mechanical strength and corrosion resistance may be used in mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, pulp and paper industry. The heat resistance of such pipes is important for the production of furnace equipment, transporting the hot gases. Thick-walled tube current in thermal power generation, exploration and processing industry. Particularly thick-walled pipe used for carrying out drilling operations. Having long life, such pipe has found its application in most modern industries.


Reasonable price of the steel thick-walled pipes, a wide range of sizes and a large variety of steel grades will allow any buyer to choose the product that most fully meets all requests. High quality workmanship and full compliance of products with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — the main criterion, which adheres to our company in working with clients. The exact chemical composition and adjusted manufacturing technology will ensure reliable operation of products. All operating characteristics correspond to the declared quality, reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.

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