Mirror stainless steel pipe


Thanks to the mirror-polished surface of the highest quality, which is noticeable even the smallest defects, tube mirror stainless steel has a high ratio of surface chromium to iron, and thus increased corrosion resistance. increases mechanical strength, because of the decrease concentrations of stresses. The greatest resistance have complex alloyed alloys with a high content of Nickel and chromium.


Increased cost due to labour intensive manufacturing techniques. Internal rough surface eliminates the use of welded mirror for pipelines operating under pressure, as well as in the food industry or medicine.


Mirror pipes are manufactured from grades — 316 AISI, 304 AISI (in limited positions).

The percentage composition of steel AISI 316

Mark C Si Cr Ni Ti Mo P S Fe
304 AISI ≤0,03 ≤1 15−16 9−10 ≤0,5 ≤2 ≤0,04 ≤0,03 basis

The percentage composition of steel AISI 304

Mark C Si Cr Ni Ti Mn P S Fe
AISI 316 ≤0,03 ≤1 18−20 8−12 --- ≤2 ≤0,04 ≤0,03 basis


If the material for such tubes is high alloy steel, they are welded by the arc method under the protection of inert gases. For welding of carbon steel grades used high frequency welding. High speed HF-welding up to 0.6 m/sec, significantly reduces the cost of production. These pipes are ideal for building structures, but not suitable for the food industry. TIG-welding (Tungset Inert gas) gives the absolute strength of the welded seam.


Mirror finish gives the pipe grinding units equipped with 5−6 brushes. For the past couple of brushes to apply the polishing paste. Grain size is more than 600 grit. A better method of electrochemical polishing, known as «variable plating», or «the process chemical. processing». It gives the perfect Shine of steel, forming an absolutely smooth surface.


Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters, such pipes are to actively resist the influence of corrosion and look very attractive. These pipes are used in the food industry, housing and utilities and construction. They perfectly fit into the interior and the exterior of the building. can be used in architecture to create different decorative designs — props, pillars, railings, located inside and outside the building and in the local area. The elements of these tubes add originality, no wonder they today became one of the main components of the high-tech style.


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