Cutting and processing of beryllium

Processing technology

For the manufacture of rolled beryllium ingot is used, which is obtained by powder metallurgy methods. Machining beryllium is difficult because of its lack of plasticity. For stamping, deep-drawing increases the risk of rupture of the workpiece. The temperature of the heat treatment of beryllium hire starts at 1600 °C, the finished product is cooled to 780−800°C.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is conducted in vacuum to eliminate the possibility of contamination of the metal with nitrogen or oxygen.


During processing of this metal should be aware that its dust is characterized by toxicity and requires compliance with a number of security measures. Significantly increase the risk of injury such processes as welding, melting or cutting, because they provoke the secretion of toxic fumes and dust. To carry out such work can only by a qualified technician.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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