Cutting and processing of cobalt

Hot treatment

Used rotary swaging machines. As the raw material for forging take the ingots smelted arc melting, at least — sintered preform. The beginning of forging temperature of 1100−1500°C., finish-forged at 900 °C. Forging produce billets for subsequent extrusion, rolling or drawing.

Cutting performance

To improve the cutting performance, as a rule, use lathe CNC cutters special composition (e.g., plate VK8). Cutting of cobalt on the workpiece is possible to produce saws at low speed to avoid work hardening. The surface finish of the turning is achieved by low flow and the use of special lubricating fluid coolant.

Plasma cutting

Are special installation multiplaz 3500, 7500, 15000.

Laser cutting

For cutting of thin sheets using laser cutting. This contactless method allows to obtain a clean and precise cut. The quality of the cut depends on the software of the laser system and the flexibility of adjusting the power of the beam. The advantages of the method:

  • minimization of temperature effects,
  • minimum % of waste when cutting (optimizes the layout the same computer)
  • precision cutting (+/- 0.05 mm).

Abrasive onprocessing

Surface treatment it is possible to produce abrasive wheels.

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