Nickel alloys

Semi NP-2 contains approximately 99.5% pure Nickel, and the remainder are assigned to the silicon, iron, magnesium, manganese, lead, copper, carbon, sulphur, arsenic, bismuth, zinc, antimony, cadmium, phosphorus and tin. In some cases NP-2 is produced from metallurgical waste of Nickel after smelting.

The use of NP-2 alloy

From NP-2 to produce rods, strips, wire, sheets required in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering and electrical engineering. But glaunoy the scope of application of articles of the NP-2 can be considered industrial chemistry, electrochemistry, paper making industry, the NP-2 is used in addition with the purpose of Nickel plating. It is a process of applying thin — often of 0.05−0.125 mm coating to another metal to protect against all types of corrosion of alkali, acid, salt. For example, Nickel-plated parts can be found for the construction of cars, motorcycles, musical and medical instruments, equipment home appliances. In addition often nicelybut details, work which is carried out in dry friction.

The production and use of NP-2 pipes

Tubes and pipes of NP-2 are hollow products, which may collapse into the Bay. They have a constant cross-sectional dimension, and only one closed cavity the whole length of the product. Pipe NP-2 can be made in form of oval, round, square or rectangle, and in addition in the form of a convex regular polygon with permanent full-length the thickness of the wall or an equilateral triangle. Pipe production is regulated by the requirements of GOST pipe rolling. This takes into account customer wishes and working conditions.

They serve for the production of capacitors. In chemistry, NP-2 pipe of different diameter is used in contact with corrosive substances — acids and bases, since Nickel is resistant to their influence. NP-2 pipe demand in the production of hydrogen. High resistance to corrosion and action of aggressive environment allows the use of such pipes in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, shipbuilding, petroleum and chemical industry. These pipes are used in construction for laying water pipes, as a decorative element in architecture and design: railings stairs, racks billboards, etc.

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