Crevice and galvanic corrosion

Crevice corrosion

Decreasing the acidity or decrease of atmospheric pressure, the protective passive layer of steel may be destroyed. This is typical of the parts, under gaskets, in sharp corners, or when defective welding. These cracks quickly korrodiruet if they penetrate corrosive. Crevice corrosion issimilar to pitting corrosion but will grow at lower temperatures.

Galvanic corrosion

She charactron for a galvanic couple between two dissimilar metals. Arising between the potential leads to electrolytic disintegration to a more chemically active metal. To prevent this effect the electric insulation of metals, Typically using plastic or rubber washers and bushings that prevent the ingress of moisture between the parts. The lack of moisture hinders the formation of electrolytic couples. Another way preserves the size of the more active metal is relatively less active (the stainless steel bolts in an aluminum block do not cause corrosion, but aluminum rivets in sheet of stainless steel are rapidly oxidized.)

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