Grinding on stainless steel

General characteristics

Grinding is a finishing process of metal, which is produced by grinding lines. Subjected to grinding in a stainless steel hot rolled pickled, heat treated cold rolled pickled and after cold rolling. Depending on the class grinding machine, metal surface may be processed by grinding various levels. Modern grinding lines can conduct two-sided surface grinding of stainless steel, while eliminating various defects of the outer layer.

Grinding technology

In the process of grinding on the production lines efficiently and uniformly removed the upper layers of stainless steel. Polished rolled metal materials with visible defects in the form of scratches, scuffs, score, small plenov as well as varieties of stainless steel, for which it is necessary to improve the category of the surface. According to GOST 2789, from hot-rolled coils of stainless steel, treated at the grinding line roughness should decrease the level of Ra 20−10 m to the level of Ra 1,25−0,63 m.

Grinding head

They can produce grinding stainless steel. They have abrasive belts with different grain sizes. In the last passages grit sanding belts is reduced. Cold rolled steel in the first passes to sand ribbons reduced graininess.

Control measurement

Carried out before and after polishing of the treated strip. Measurement determines the amount of layer material removed. To obtain the required quality, stainless steel can be subjected to repeated grinding. In many respects the quality of the polishing of stainless steel depends on the proper tension of the metal strip on the line. Well adjusted machines and the use of additional tools provide an opportunity to increase the quality of work and reduce the time spent on the sanding process.

Grinding with abrasive sandpaper

This abrasive material has a fabric or paper base on which is applied a coating of different grits. For wet grinding using water-resistant sandpaper. Abrasive coating skins can be made of corundum, silicon or glass. The surface of stainless steel products of complex shape can best be sanded by using sandpaper on a linen basis, since in the process it is better adjacent to curved surfaces. The fine-grained skins are marked «0» and are used for grinding of stainless steel products in the final stage.

To buy, price

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