Scandium metal

Technical characteristics

It is a lightweight silvery metal with a yellow sheen, a rare earth element of the 4th period table of chemical elements, Opened in 1879 by the Swedish chemist Nielsen and named in honor of Scandinavia. Its content in the solid rocks of approximately 9.5 g/t, significant resources are concentrated in the Carboniferous deposits in the form of oxides (scandium beryl, cassiterite, fluorite). As a Supplement, this metal gives the alloy good ductility and toughness.

Chemical symbol Sc
The atomic number of SC No. 21
Atomic mass g/mol 45
The degree of oxidation 3
Density [g/cm3] 2,99
The melting temperature t°C 1541°C
The boiling point of t°C 2837°C
The heat of fusion kJ/kg 15,8


Alloying heat-resistant steels), manufacture of refractory materials, lasers, phosphors, spectrometers and solar cells, details of the MHD generators. A radioactive isotope 46 Sc with a half life of up to three months, is used in the treatment of malignant tumors, and in metallurgy and petrochemical industry — as a test mark" to the technological processes. Aluminium alloy with scandium has a high ductility and strength, is used for the production of various products.

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