Methods of processing stainless steel


In order for stainless steel products had a long life, you need to know how to store, transport and operate. For example, in the operation and care must be considered that stainless steel does not tolerate interaction with chlorine and its derivatives.


It is the first condition of work. Care should be taken to avoid contact of stainless steel with dirt and dust, composed of particles of iron and rust. So tools for processing of stainless steel cannot be used with other metals, it is unacceptable even neighboring location machines. You need to constantly clean the machine tools.

Protection from mechanical damage

In the processing or transport of steel products can cause accidental scratches or other surface damage, therefore, it is necessary to take measures to reduce this risk to a minimum. As protection you can use the plastic or paper film. It is also used for emergency treatment of accidental injuries and for finishing the entire surface.

The factory conditions of production and storage

They help to avoid damage to stainless steel at all stages of manufacture. Steel of different qualities are sorted and prepared the leaves are Packed in paper and stored. You need to choose quality packaging to avoid damage to the steel during loading and transport, preferably at the place of unloading of stainless steel to have a specialized equipment for unloading, and also need to pay attention to the environmental conditions.


Storage space products must be clean and dry, it is impossible to prevent the appearance of dirt and dust on the metal. Pollution can cause a loss of the presentation even of failure of the client product. In principle, the rest of the stainless steel is unpretentious, she has an attractive appearance, easily polished, and does not require much effort for maintenance.

To buy, price

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