Methods of smelting of stainless steel


In modern industry, especially popular among other types of uses stainless steel resistant to corrosion acid-resistant chromium-Nickel steel 12Kh18N10T. Most often it is used for the production of heat resisting and heat resisting castings, This steel is used in the manufacture of stainless steel pipes, sheets, circles, wire, etc. stainless steel. Steel 12X18H10T belongs to a class of austenitic steels and are characterized by high stability and «longevity».

General characteristics

Fabrication of stainless steel is carried out in special shops of mass production in electric furnaces, which are assigned a certain brand that ensures product quality technical characteristics. Modern production in your practice uses several methods of smelting of stainless steel, which differ in the quantity and quality of the primary material, a small «technological» discrepancies and technical equipment.

The main methods of smelting steel 12Kh18N10T

In modern manufacturing there are several ways of stainless steel smelting, Briefly characterize them. 1) Smelting «method of mixing». The bottom line is this. One furnace smelts Nickel, soft iron and the second soft iron, ferrochromium or melts scrap steel 12Kh18N10T. The resulting melts are mixed. 2) a Method of melting using the carbon burden of blooms. The method consists of the joint load in the furnace blooms of soft iron and scrap 12Kh18N10T. The obtained metal refining. However, when using this method, you need to prevent carburizing bath smelting. 3) Method of melting wastes using oxygen. This method allows you to control the amount of carbon in the smelting process. A crucial role in technology plays an additive of silicon.


Initially, the primary method by which smelted stainless steel, it was full of oxidation. Practiced the complete oxidation of the melt and impurities under the white slag. However, this method had many disadvantages and that’s why he had to refuse. He was replaced by a method of partial oxidation, which involves the production of directly in a furnace soft iron with low carbon. This method gave the opportunity to get stainless steel of required quality in 95% of all melts, while the carbon content in the finished product was only 0.12%. There was also a method created at the Kirov factory, so today it is called the method of the Kirov factory. Its essence is that refining is under aluminous slag from ground fire clay. Experts of the Kirov factory is recommended when melting, which is similar to the method of partial oxidation, in the first trial to be of 0.25−0.35% carbon. The last method is fusing. It is described above. This method is easily achieved very low percentage of carbon.

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