The construction of stainless steel chimneys

Today, many people are trying to buy surrounded by nature, villas, town houses or cottages. But is it possible to imagine a comfortable home without a good heating system, fireplace or furnace? And no matter what you have a stove or a fireplace, in any case without a chimney can not do.


Early chimneys were built of simple brick, but they quickly wore out because the inner walls of the chimney was covered with soot and condensate, which has a corrosive property. Recently, the chimneys were made of stainless steel, resistant to aggressive substances and acids. It is also important that the inner walls of the chimney absolutely smooth and furnace gases without any hindrance come out.

The advantages of the chimneys with stainless steel

They meet the most stringent fire safety requirements. They are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant. can withstand significant changes in temperature and pressure. It should be noted that the stainless steel chimney is much easier than the chimney of the brick. This simplifies the transportation and installation of such products. They are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain, and affordable. If suddenly stainless steel chimney damaged, the replacement pipe will not bring much trouble. Stainless steel pipe, properly serve within 10 to 15 years, after this time usually require replacement. Today are considered more reliable stainless steel chimneys from the French or Spanish manufacturers. It is believed that foreign pipes are longer than domestic.

Alternative use

Baths, pools and saunas is simply inconceivable without chimneys made of stainless steel, as these areas are constantly high humidity. Also, these chimneys are popular in townhouses, apartment buildings, private homes. The appearance of the chimney, stainless steel is ideal for any stylish interior. If necessary, the chimney is always possible to brick a regular brick. Another plus chimney stainless steel that you can install them almost anywhere, as for pipes with bends and corners there is no obstacle. They can always go around any bends in the premises. Thanks to the snap grooves of the details of the stainless steel chimney can be reliably bonded to each other.

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