Pipes: stainless steel

What pipes are suitable for water supply system

Special requirements for laying drinking water pipelines. The pipes through which drinking water must not be oxidized and thus affect its composition. Today the most convenient and common pipe material is stainless steel, which has anti-corrosion properties. The chromium stainless steel and galvanized stainless steel is ideal for pipes of building drinking water. These pipes are not oxidized, do not rust and do not change the composition of water. An alloy of iron with carbon — carbon steel is usually zinc. Also be used various alloy additives. On the surface of stainless steel is the chromium oxide film, which is formed by reaction with air. It also protects the metal from further oxidation.

The advantages of stainless steel tubes

Pipe made of stainless steel meet the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. Stainless steel is inert at a Ph ranging from 4 to 10, in the limit of Ph from 6.5 to 9.5. These pipes are very reliable and are durable, can withstand significant pressure and temperature changes.


After 8−10 years after the start of operation of the tube, that is, start delayed from the inside and pass a smaller flow of water. This happens usually with the pipes cold water as in hot water are special additives that prevent the tubes «shrink». Adverse effect on stainless steel has chlorine, which kills water pathogens and pathogens disinfects the water. Of course, the chloride ions have a negative influence on stainless steel pipe, but to refuse it is impossible.


Stainless steel pipe is made two ways.- welded and seamless. Each method has its advantages. Seamless pipe is more durable, but also more time-consuming to produce. When welding pipes of stainless steel sheet is coiled in such a way that the seam runs the length of the pipe. The welding can take place on a spiral — twist along the steel tape. The strength of the weld is only 10% below the strength of the entire sheet.

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