Welding and cutting aluminum

Difficulties of welding

Very low melting point (657°C), high thermal conductivity, which is about three times the conductivity of steel, a significant coefficient of thermal expansion, brittleness when heated and light oxidation

The technology of welding of aluminium

Used fusion welding, gas flame and arc pressure on the electrical contact welding machines. The most common gas acetylene-oxygen welding. Before welding the edges of the metal should be thoroughly cleaned by sandblasting devices, steel brushes, scraping or chemical ways: by washing in an aqueous solution of caustic soda or gasoline.

Laser cutting of aluminium

Some of the benefits: — improved accuracy and good performance. This method of treatment is universal. The only drawback of laser cutting is the high cost of service.

Water jet cutting

This is the most economical option processing and aluminum rolling. Unlike plasma cutting, water pressure is excellent preserves the original appearance of the product and does not cause thermal deformation of the metal.

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