Welding and cutting tool steel

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Manual arc welding MMA

The electrodes of the first type with basic coating (carbonates of calcium and magnesium) are used only with direct current in reverse polarity («+" on the electrode). The electrodes of the second type with rutile coating, mainly from titanium dioxide, can be used when welding on AC and DC reverse polarity. They have a more stable arc and minimal spatter while welding.

Argon arc welding TIG

Used for welding thin sheets of tool steel. As a protective gas welding most often used 100% argon or argon helium mixture. TIG welding can be carried out without supplying a filler wire (for welding thin metal) and flow, manual or automatic.

Semi-automatic welding MIG / MAG

A short arc is used for welding thin metal, ink transfer is used for welding thicker products. Protective welding gas mixture of argon and carbon dioxide in a ratio of 98%Ar / 2% CO2. Instead of carbon dioxide can be used oxygen.

Plasma cutting

Are special installation multiplaz 3500, 7500, 15000.

Laser cutting

This contactless method allows to obtain a clean and precise cut. The quality of the cut depends on the software of the laser system and the flexibility of adjusting the power of the beam. The advantages of the method:

  • minimization of temperature effects,
  • minimum % of waste when cutting (optimizes the layout the same computer)
  • precision cutting (+/- 0.05 mm).

Water jet cutting

The method enables to avoid thermal effects. The advantages of the method:

  • Clean cut: there is no heating of the metal — oxide no.
  • Precision cutting.
  • High-speed processing.
  • The ability to cut titanium sheets of large thickness.
  • Low cost — there is practically no waste.

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