Technical characteristics

Humanity is familiar with this metal for many thousands of years, but widespread use began relatively recently. It is a soft and malleable metal belongs to the group of heavy nonferrous metals. Among its main characteristics, it is possible to allocate a bad conductivity of electricity and heat. Is extracted from deposits intermetallic compounds. The main producers — the U.S., EU, Korea, China.

Chemical symbol Pb
The proportion 11,34 g/cm3
Atomic mass MYR 207.2
The degree of oxidation 0 +2, +4
Melting point 327,46 °C
Boiling point 1749°C
The specific heat of fusion 4,77 kJ/mol

The use of lead

And manufacture of fusible alloys, in the construction industry — the manufacture of sheets, valves, pipes. One of the main lead chemical inertness and protection from gamma radiation, which explains the popularity of its use in the chemical industry, the nuclear industry and medicine.

Lead alloys

For high-alloyed alloys include alloys with special additives, they find use in anti-friction compounds. For low-alloyed alloys include alloys with tin, Nickel, antimony, cadmium, copper, which increase corrosion resistance

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