Heat treatment of stainless steel


Heat treatment of stainless steel includes the operation to heating, exposure and cooling. These operations in a certain way affect the structure of the steel. The chemical composition of the material after such processing remains unchanged, but the properties of steel can vary within wide limits. Heat treatment can be aimed at the strengthening and the softening of the alloys. To reduce the strength of steel is necessary when the workpieces must undergo some processing, for example cutting. The strength increase necessary to achieve the properties required for use in certain conditions. Heat treatment of stainless steel is produced in different modes, where the heating time and temperature level, heating rate and cooling and the dwell time in the heated state vary. The technology of these processes were worked out for centuries,


The heating may be thermal, chemical-thermal and thermomechanical. It needs to ensure uniform heating of the workpiece, in which the structure of the material occur the transformation, but does not result in deformation or cracking. It is necessary to maximally use the resource of the furnace. This heating can be done directly, gradually or stepped. When selecting the heating mode takes into account the type of stainless steel workpiece weight and the type of further processing. The heating time depends on the method (heating furnace, fiery or high-frequency electric), of the total weight of metal and high-grade the physical properties of stainless steel (specific heat, thermal conductivity). The heating rate depends on the type of workpiece steel chemical composition and temperature range.


Exposure of the workpiece is necessary in order to attained the temperature of complete structural transformation. If the wrong calculation of the optimal time steel can start to get rid of carbon, with potential for scale formation. High heating temperature minimal exposure.


The cooling rate of the workpiece depends on the environment that surrounds it. Cooling in water is achieved the speed of 300 degrees per second, cooling in the furnace — 20−30 degrees per hour. Outdoors the cooling process, naturally occurring faster than in the oven.

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