Technical and pure copper

Copper technical

It is used for melting copper alloys as charge material for the production of various products. Chem. the technical composition of copper is determined according to GOST 859−41. In cold deformation the copper is distinguished by its low ductility, but high strength characteristics. And in the annealed condition it has a high plastic properties, but relatively low strength. The technical copper of mark M0 is used for the manufacture of high purity alloys for the conductor current. M1 is used for various semi-conductors for the current, obtained by means of rolling, and for the production of high-quality bronze, not containing tin. M2 — technical copper, is used for the production of bronze for the manufacture of high quality products which are processed under pressure. Copper technical brand MOH in demand for semi-finished products, obtained by the rolling method, the production of bronze standard quality, etc. of casting alloys and non-critical electrical contacts (like the alloy M2). Technical copper of the mark M4 is used to obtain non-critical alloys and cast bronzes.


Sb, P, SI, BI and As in marks M1 and M0 greatly impair the electrical conductivity and allowed in the amount of not more than 0,002%. Impurities Sb, PB and BI reduce, the technological properties of copper, causing in the process the hot forming fragility. Impurities Ag, NI, Sn and Zn is not able to render harmful influence on technological and mechanical properties. Depending on the solidification conditions, the structure of pure cast copper is transcrystalline or equiaxed.

Pure copper

This copper brand M0, which contains 99.95% of copper and not more than 0.05% of various impurities. According to specific technical requirements produce several brands of vacuum especially copper and oxygen-free pure copper, which is used in the electrovacuum industry. Oxygen-free copper series, A and B produce strips, ribbons, rods, tubes. From the vacuum of pure copper is made of ribbons and bars. Of pure copper, which is deoxidized with manganese, produce bars. All these semi-finished products are used in electrovacuum industry. Oxygen-free pure copper has a low (-100°C) recrystallization temperature.

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