Lathe machining stainless steel


In the manufacture of stainless steel products, sometimes necessary to treat the surface in several stages and using various technological methods. This allows you to give the necessary shape and dimensions of the product made of stainless steel with high precision. Processing on a lathe gives you the ability to cut steel billets with observance of all technological norms and standards requirements.


Turning cutting is penetration of the knives of a tool its cutting edge into the steel billet, which allows to separate the required layers of stainless steel in the form of chips. On a lathe equipped with plenty of tools: dies, core drill, profile tools, cutters, reamers and drills. Lathe cutter — the most common tool for working on stainless steel. With it are not only medium to rough finish, but finishing and fine machining of surfaces of workpieces of stainless steel. Suitable for cutting threads inside a square made of stainless steel or other steel products, as well as for work with metal products.

The types of turning tools to work on stainless steel

  • Bushing tools straight or curved, used for processing cylindrical surfaces, for example, for executing the turning speed of rollers.
  • Surface at the ends of the stainless steel products are treated with the use of scoring tools, which are directed perpendicular to the rotated plane.
  • By using boring lathe chisels it is possible to perform holes on the stainless steel articles.
  • Cuts rods, pipes and other workpieces of stainless steel is carried out using cutting tools.
  • Thread both external and internal, is cut with special cutters, which is called threading.
  • Shaped cutters are designed for machining parts with complex profile cross sections. They are used not only for turning but also on turret lathes and machine tools with automatic control.
  • Cutters contour turning can be used for forming various shaped machines.

Cutters for turning of stainless steel products can be roughing, finishing and fine. Relative to the workpiece they can be positioned tangentially or radially, can go left or right. Head for cutter are straight, curved, bent and drawn. The cross section of the cutters are divided into round, square and rectangular. There are cutters of a composite, prefabricated cutters and solid cutters made of special tool steel, carbide, ceramic and STM (e.g., diamond, CBN).

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