Stainless steel pipe

The main types of welding stainless steel tubes:

  • TIG (welding tungsten electrode in inert gas, without filler metal);
  • plasma welding (with TIG);
  • HF (welding by high frequency currents);
  • Laser (laser welding);
  • Electron beam (electron beam welding).

In practice, the most widely three first methods, the other, due to the cost and complexity of technology are rarely used. But on the other hand, laser welding is becoming lately more popular and starts to gain ASE a stronger position among the traditional methods. The choice of welding method depends largely on where exactly, in what field will be used stainless pipe.

TIG welding tungsten electrode

Is carried out in a protective atmosphere of inert gases. Is a type of arc welding where the heat source is the arc itself. The seam is obtained a highly reliable, due to heating close to the weld layers, although quite wide and rough. Welding in this case is carried out in automatic mode. Shielding gas is supplied directly in the field of welding from two sides, both outside and inside the pipe. Unfortunately, the appearance of the product will not have as beautiful, as in the welding of unavoidable thermal changes in the surrounding layers of material are formed, so-called, lines of tint. They do not affect the structural strength, and aesthetically if the properties are not so important, you can use this method of obtaining permanent connection.

HF-welding by high frequency currents

Use electrode — the metal surface is heated by alternating current of high frequency. Suture, in this case, it turns out perfectly straight and aesthetically more attractive, and the speed of the weld is much higher. Hence, lower cost compared to arc welding. But, such a pipe is limited to be applicable in the structures, the torsion, or under a lot of pressure because the weld may be void and therefore not as durable, But with regard to the aesthetic side of the question, the HF-welding is more attractive for interior decoration, when the strength is not so important.

The choice of pipe

Depends on the intended use. The main question in this case becomes either a reliability or appearance, and if the first applies mainly to industry, the second — to interior solutions. Regarding finishing, there is much also depends on the scope, which is determined by the surface quality. For example, pipe can be produced by hot — or cold-rolled method, be made to undergo heat treatment, grinding, polishing, elektropoliert. Polishing stainless steel is mainly used in the food industry, in places of contact with free-flowing and sticky products, such as flour and dough.

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