Conditions of pipe billet production

As of billets to rolling mills of the type hptr, HPT use of welded and seamless pipes. Seamless stainless steel tubes, which are necessary for mills HPT, and welded pipes are manufactured in a variety of ways pressing and hot rolling. Consider some of them.

The types of blanks

The rod mills HPT (medium or small size) are the tubes that rolled in mills of the type HPT larger and obtained by cold drawing stainless steel pipe. Harvesting for mills hptr serve volochine and welded pipe mills and pipe HPT with larger mills hptr. For each batch of workpieces have to place a special label, which will indicate the pipe size, steel grade, open-hearth melting room, the room package pipe welding, tube-rolling shop, route number, number of open-hearth smelting and the packet number truboprofilnogo shop.

The quality of the workpieces

The surface of the tube blank must be free of cracks, opalin, flaws, shells, shells, sunsets and dirt. The ends should be cut Burr-free, perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. Also the pipe must be straight. The delivery pipe normalized following GOST: seamless stainless steel pipe — 9940−72, 8732−70 seamless hot-rolled, electrically welded tube -10704−63, welded — 3262−75.


The tubes of intermediate sizes, made of alloyed or carbon steels that go on the lug and further cold rolling, there are large tolerances on the wall thickness and diameter than the corresponding tolerances for the finished tubes. For example, the tubes of intermediate sizes stainless steel wall thickness has a tolerance of +12,5 (or 10%), and pipe diameters up to 3.2 cm in outer diameter, from 0.5 to 1 mm, and pipes of large diameter from 0.5 to 1.6 mm When rolling the measuring of the intermediate workpiecehaving the deviation average actual wall thickness (s fact) from the nominal (Nom), given the nominal length of the workpiece (Lном), its actual length (Lфакт) is determined according to the formula: Lфакт = Lном x Nom/s fact. The blanks for mills hptr have the following tolerances for pipes of all sizes: wall thickness ±0,1 mm, outer diameter +0,5 -0,2 mm.

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