Installing raskatannym three-roll mill


There are 2 sizes for pipe installations with three-roll mill raskatannym: 40−160 50−200 and. The advantage of these plants is the production of pipes of high precision, possibility of complex automation and rapid transition to pipes. sizes.


The tolerances on the outside diameter during rolling of pipes are ±0.5% and +6% for wall thickness. Due to this precision it is possible to reduce the consumption of metal, for example, in engineering plants where the pipe is subjected to grinding.

Production technology

The described installation consists of the piercing mill, obraschaytes, calibration and three-roll reeling mills, heating and reheating furnaces, cooling table and roll sizing mill of 5 stands. The billet for rolling — a round rod is rolled, it is divided into a hydraulic press to length. The preform is heated in the annular heating furnace to a temperature 1150−1250°C and is sewn into the sleeve in the piercing mill. Next, hot tube (t° 1000−1100°C) passes through the rollers on a long mandrel sleeve.

In the camp there are 3 rolls, which rotate in the same direction. The rolls of the rolling axis are arranged strictly symmetrically. In the horizontal plane of the axis of the rolls inclined to the axis of the rolling angle rolling R°, which in these mills is usually equal to 7°. In the vertical plane of the axes of the rolls is inclined to the axis of the rolling angle of the flow in the 4−10° (the angle depends on the size of rolled tubes).

Each roll has 4 parts: the comb, raskaty cone, cone grip and bearing cone. In the cone capture the deformation of the metal through reduction of the pipe diameter and using rolling on a long mandrel of the pipe wall. Deformation of the wall mostly takes place through the crest of a ridge. Raskaty cone unrolls the tube wall, thereby providing a smooth surface throughout its length. Rounding of the outer diameter is due to the bearing cone, he is also responsible for the lag of the pipe from the mandrel that makes it easier to get it out.

The process of rolling Rosatom mill rolling the same firmware. The rollers, which rotate in the same direction, grab a sleeve, and that receives a rotational movement. Due to the inclination of the rolls the sleeve also receives the translational motion. Laminated tube is again heated to 1000−1100°C in a heating furnace, after the pipe enters the sizing mill (5-kletevoj or 3-halawy) where calibrated outer diameter of the pipe. Next, the tube is sent to the cooling table.

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