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Tungsten is extracted from ore — wolframite or scheelite. Tungsten ore at present in the United States are practically not mined and comes from Russia, Bolivia, Canada and China. Of significant importance is the recycling of scrap. Tungsten is extracted chemically from the crushed ore by a series of chemical reactions, titrations, washings, and filters.


Tungsten is often used in alloys with other metals to increase their strength and resistance to wear and corrosion. A high speed steel used for the production of cutting, deforming, and measuring tools, cutters, saw blades, punches, matrices, etc. — contain around 18 percent tungsten.

Description The value
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/Deg] 43x10−6
Tensile strength tensile kg/mm2 35
Melting point 3695°K (3422°C, 6192°F)
Boiling point 5828°K (5555°C, 10031°F)

Steel, alloyed with tungsten, are also used in the production of nozzles of rocket engines, which must have high heat resistant properties. Other tungsten alloys including Stellite (cobalt and chromium) is used in bearing and pistons due to durability and wear-resistance. In the production of munitions also apply heavy tungsten alloys, which are sintered from a powder. Tungsten alloys, which contain cobalt, iron and/or Nickel, can be used for the production of turbine blades for aircraft.


At the world price of tungsten and its alloys have an effect:

  • The profitability of ore development
  • The speed of transportation of raw materials to places of its processing and enrichment;
  • The political situation;
  • The shape and size of the tungsten blanks.

Established in the recent years the range of prices for semi-finished and finished tungsten products ranges from 25 to 2500 dollars. USA per kilogram, and most of the production is in the range from 100 to 350 dollars. USA per kilogram.


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