The implementation of the holes in the stainless steel articles


Holes in workpieces of metal structures made of stainless steel are basically the same as drilling. The hole will never be perfectly flat cylindrical shape. In cross section they are oval in shape, and the longitudinal form of a cone. The diameter of the drill is always less than the finished diameter of holes in metal structures. This difference is called the breakdown of the hole. For drill, a standard diameter of 10 to 20 mm, the indicators of breakdown in the range of 0.15−0.25 mm. the Reason for the breakdown drill holes in products from steel can be factors such as the lack of sharpening drills, deviations in the axes of the drill and the spindle on a drill press. If the accuracy achieved in the range of 12−14 kvalitetom, then drilled a hole in the metal products not subjected to further processing.

Improved accuracy

This can be achieved with countersinking. The holes using a countersinking acquire a predetermined shape and a more precise diameter. Such a process allows to obtain a precision of 10−11 qualitativ. To achieve the precision drilled holes of the highest category applicable to the deployment. This final machining to bring the shape and diameter of the cylindrical hole to 6−9 kvalitetom, while the roughness Ra 0,32−1,25 µm, which is very high.

Drills, which are made deaf or through holes in steel, stainless steel, require periodic treatment on a turret lathe machine. Themselves metal drills can have differences in their purpose and design. In structural materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, etc., drilling holes doing special drills with conical and cylindrical shanks. For carbide, hardened steel and cast iron are more suitable drills with plates from hard alloys. If the hole depth exceeds the diameter more than five times, then use a special drill bit deep hole drilling. To perform the pivot holes of parts made of stainless steel and other metals are used the centering drill and countersink. Taps will slat for the application threads inside drilled holes in the metal.


Holes in metal structures made of stainless steel can also be performed using the method of cold stamping. Method of cold forging is high-speed, high-precision, in-line method, which significantly reduces the cost of finished parts made of stainless steel. However, the stamping equipment is used only in large enterprises because it requires large capital investments.

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