Cold rolling stainless steel sheet

The use of cold rolled

This steel is used to obtain stainless steel strips, as a large thickness, and the minimum to 1 mm. the Most advanced technologies allow to get stainless steel sheets and strips with thickness up to 4 microns. Cold rolled products with high surface quality, enhanced mechanical and special process and physical properties. This steel is extensively demanded in automotive, food processing, canning industry, for manufacture of electrical and household products: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric stoves, etc.


The technology of cold rolling difficult the production of hot rolled steel, used in more sophisticated equipment necessary high energy costs,
capital and operating costs. But, despite this, the demand for cold-rolled sheet steel is growing every year. In the developed industrial countries more than half of the stainless steel sheet is cold-rolled by. For the release of 12Kh18N10T stainless sheets and strips of alloyed steel using a special manufacturing plant. The technological process of producing cold rolled steel multi-stage. Used mnogovolnovye machines capacity of 100−150 tons per year.

Roll rolling

Cold rolled 2 methods: exploded and rolled. The latter method is more modern. It provides high surface quality, high performance and durability of the strips, the reduction of production costs and a lower consumption of metal. The roll method is easier to automate and mechanize. This method produces the main bulk of cold rolled steel. Raw material is hot-rolled strip steel, which comes in continuous and reversing hot strip mills.

Tile rental

This method is characterised by high metal consumption, reduced performance, limited capacity of the process; less precision rolled sheets, large cull.

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