Cold drawing stainless steel wire

On truboprofilnyj mills is cold drawing steel pipes in different ways. When a cold drawing pipe is pulled through a die of a diameter equal to the outer diameter of the pipe. When the drawing is held on a mandrel, the diameter is determined by the inner diameter of the pipe. Before cold drawing, one end of the pipe becomes clogged, it passes through a die and prihvatyvaya rear side truboprofilnogo mill, with the help of a trolley. Truck is driven drawbench chain, which is connected via a gear and sprocket with the engine of the mill. Before drawing the tube passes the preparatory and intermediate operations, such as in cold rolling of pipes.

Drawing of tubes without a mandrel

Used only to reduce the diameter of the pipe. The deformation is 10−35%, and the extract ratio of 1.1−1.5. When in the drawing process, the diameter decreases, consequently changing the wall thickness in proportion to the relationship S/D/. As shown by experiments, if the ratio is larger than 0,165−190, the thickness of the wall increases, if less, the thickness is reduced.

Drawing pipes, mandrel

When we conduct a drawing on a short mandrel, which is attached to the rod that is in the process of reducing the diameter and wall thickness, the deformation is limited by the strength of the pipe. Mount mandrel Ø minimum of 8−10 mm is limited to rods for mounting. Drawing on a long mandrel, which is moved during the drawing process to the pipe to reduce the wall thickness use blanks, at the same time diminished in diameter. The total deformation will be much greater, as the friction force directed toward the lug. Drawing of tubes with thin walls 0,2−0,1 mm and Ø up to 3 mm, is the only way to make them.
The self-aligning lug on the mandrel also serves to reduce the wall thickness and diameter. This mandrel is not fixed in the fiber and is retained in the deformation frictional forces. Practice drawing long pipes (with a drum lug — to 100 mm).

Drawing pipe distribution

Used in the manufacture of thin-walled tubes of very large diameter, with the calibration of the internal diameter to obtain the exact tolerances for the manufacture of two-layer pipes and fix the marriage.

Drawing pipe in a rotating roller portages

Used for the manufacture of shaped tubes with a symmetrical profile at the last stage, a die hold a round pipe.

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