Protection of metals from corrosion

Ways to protect metals from corrosion

Depending on the specific working conditions and storage of metal products used the following methods of protection: alloying, metallic coating and electrochemical protection.

Alloying of steel

This is the most reliable corrosion protection, which is effective in the presence of corrosive environment and the mechanical stresses. Alloying also preserves the product from corrosion cracking. Particularly resistant steel is produced by introduction of significant supplements chromium or Nickel + chromium in carbon and low alloy steel. If the chromium content is 17−25%, these people acquire not only corrosion resistance, but also be heat resistant. Chromium-Nickel additives make the steel more resistant to corrosion, these steels find a wide application in the chemical industry. The doping process can either be directed at improving the corrosion resistance of the total volume of metal, either for the creation of protective films on the surface of the product.

Corrosion-resistant coating

Metal coating, which possesses a sufficient level of resistance to corrosion, is applied to the surface of the product in a thin layer. This additional coating gives the surface of metal products hardness and wear resistance. There are two types of metal coatings — anodic and cathodic. The alloys of iron-anodic coating may be a layer of cadmium and zinc. In water and in air, saturated steam, on the zinc film is formed of the basic carbonate salts of white color, which protects the metal from further destruction. Zinc coatings are widely used for protection of pipes, valves and tanks from moisture.

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