The value of corrosion control

Direct damage from corrosion

Corrosion of metals is one of the main factors determining the reliability and longevity of work of machines and equipment. Damage from corrosion can be direct and indirect. Direct damage refers to material costs for the purchase of new products, the costs of protective measures and the deadweight loss of metal due to corrosion. According to estimates of some experts, the deadweight loss of the metal in the world currently account for 10−15% of the total volume of manufactured steel.

Indirect damage

Indirect losses occur as a result of leakage, contamination of the target product is corrosive particles, reducing the productivity of machines and mechanisms, etc. to make up For losses of metal necessary to spend the considerable capacity of the steel industry. But even these figures do not fully reflect the real damage that is associated with the failure of metal products. Significant losses are caused by equipment downtime, accidents, waste and losses during Metalworking, a violation of the product quality, which ultimately increases the cost and reduces productivity. Therefore, a precondition for the improvement of production efficiency and product quality is the alloying metal, as well as special anti-corrosion coating products.

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